what's this about?

It's about learning.  Learning how to design, repair, create and make use of what's in front of us and in our hands.  It's about about learning new skills and putting them to use to create joy.  It's about reviving the passion for light and aesthetics. Creating the sounds that we want to hear, and finding new sounds to capture and turn into something meaningful. It's about learning how to have patience, to do things with care and beauty, and to create something that will make at least one person smile, even if that person is yourself.  These are all the words I had tonight, but I will write more.  Right now, if you click something, nothing will happen - but it will soon.  

All these things do have substance behind them - albeit invisible for now.

omaha studio

Luscious Light

studio waldorf

Wooly Wizards

studio X1

Music Production